Within the seaside forests.

Invego’s new project

35 unique lots with tall vegetation

An enchanting location

A relaxing area for you and a comfortable environment for the whole family. 35 unique spacious and large seaside lots with tall vegetation. Create a home for yourself or a place to escape to on the weekends. The eastern coast of the Pakri Peninsula is special – there are no strong winds and the coastline contains areas of primordial nature which are home to some rarer bird species as well.

Private and safe

Spacious lots give you an opportunity to create a dream home for the whole family. There are several protected landscape areas nearby, ensuring that the area remains untouched. The Happy Home houses blend in well with the nature and will stand the test of time in terms of both construction quality and architecture. The modern prefabricated houses characterise the vision of both the Lahepere beach homes and the experienced developer Invego.

Unique moments on
the shores of Lahepere





Peace and quiet

A refreshing splash in the sea in the morning and an evening walk on the secret wild garlic trails await. Catch fish from the sea or nearby lakes. In the winter, you may meet the common goldeneye in the coastal areas as they winter in areas free of ice. This bird has a peculiar whistle to its wings flapping as it flies, meaning that you can sense its presence without even seeing it.

Thankfully close

The lots are just a 45-minute drive from Tallinn. Kloogarand with its hustle and bustle is only 8 kilometres away. The Lahepere villa restaurant, included in the recommendations of the 2022 Michelin guide, is waiting to be enjoyed for when you are looking for a change. For shopping, nearest supermarkets are a 15 minute drive away in three different directions.

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